Be the best pet parent you can be... you'll get a tail ovation for it!

At Tail Ovation Pets are our Purpose

We empower dedicated pet parents with knowledge and pet products so that you can magnify the joy you share with your special friend

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What we do

Provide knowledge and pet products for dedicated pet parents

We know just how important your pet is to you. Providing the best for your special friend means being informed. There is a lot of information out there, some of which isn't always accurate. Tail Ovation's founder is a veterinarian and, just like you is a passionate pet parent. Our aim is to provide you with a reliable source of pet information and pet products to make you the confident pet parent that every pet needs. Tails up to that!

Reliable pet information 

A sound source of information to help you be the best pet parent you can be.

Quality pet products 

A range of quality products for you and your pet.

Community of pet lovers

A place where you can connect with like minded pet parents and get access to pet friendly places.

why we do it

Magnify the human-animal bond

Pets enrich our lives so much! Life is simply better with pets... 

We want to help empower you to do the best for your pet. You bring the dedication, we'll bring the knowledge and products.

Healthy pets are happy pets, and a healthy happy pet will magnify the joy and fulfillment in your life and those around you.

Your pets will appreciate what you do for them. In fact they will give you a Tail Ovation!

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Meet Our Chief Pet Officer


CHief Pet Officer

Shongololo, Shongi for short, holds the most important role at Tail Ovation as our Chief Pet Officer (CPO)

Shongi is a 2 year old moodle (poodle x maltese). He is busy every day making sure that your products are in ship shape. Editing our pet information and sourcing exciting new products for you, is what keeps him on his toes.

He knows that happy healthy pets and informed and dedicated pet parents are a recipe for lots and lots of tail ovations!

If you would like to reach out to Shongi with any comments or suggestions for new products or pet information please drop him a message:

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What they say


Belmont North

"Great range of products at Tail Ovation for my dog Nugget. I also like the pet info which allows me to be more clue'd up." 



"Useful source of information. Happy with my purchase. You can tell they really do care about pets and that they want the best for pets and pet owners. Will definitely shop with Tail Ovation again"

Join other dedicated pet parents to get hints and tips on pet parenting and information on pet products.

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